How fast is the website?

Anders Jan-29th, 2018 23:19 0 0

We use a state-of-the-art content delivery network with hubs in North America, Europe and Asia.

So wherever you are you should experience very fast browsing and download speeds.


Basically the download speeds will be limited only by the speed of your Internet connection.

We do not impose any speed limits.

It is not uncommon to download with about 2 megabyte/s, resulting in a download time of about 8 minutes for every gigabyte of data.


You may use multi-threaded download managers to improve your speed, however make sure you keep the total amount of download threads below 10 as that is the maximum number of simultaneous connections our server will allow.


If you think the speed is not good enough, please check with your ISP first. 

If other websites have good download speed for you, please file a ticket, providing:

How to run a traceroute.


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